Who I Am

Hi, my name is April Ockerman.

I have 8-10 years of experience in training beef cattle, leading beef cattle and showing beef cattle.


I also judging 4H public speaking and as a judge for beef cattle shows. 

By being a judge for public speaking and in the beef classes I feel this as a way of giving back to the members and youth in agriculture.


This website is about showcasing my passion for the tower garden, Juice Plus, leading beef cattle, showing beef cattle and training beef cattle. 

Please look around the website and see if anything interests you.

Maybe you need a red angus bull or interested in getting healthier through Juice Plus or growing a tower garden.

There are other things I enjoy besides promoting these products and services. These activities include quading, hunting, working with cattle, baking, hanging with friends, halter training and caring for my own cattle. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message under " Contact us". I have provided a link to my LinkedIn profile so you are able to see my expirence and education.

April ockeman from her website