Terms & Conditions

Website policy:

- Please only browse through website

- Please give website time to load

- All images are my own and are used for promotional purposes only

- please respect my website

Privacy Policy:

All clients information that I will collect through contract, phone, forms will be kept private and no one will have access to it.

Your purchase process

There is a different process to go through when purchasing the following products:


1) my three self published books are on amazon. Therefore the return policy's and purchasing is done through amazon.

2) Online courses are sold through Teachable. SO any returns or purchasing is through the platform.\

3) I'm only a distributor for Juice plus & tower garden products. SO when you purchase it from me i will help you get set up and going. The returns or purchases is done through Juice plus. 

4) Paying for cattle or semen, cheque is good for payment

5) Paying for coaching calves sessions is payable with cheque or e transfer at the end of each session.

6) Public speaking and cattle show judge is usually done by volunteer.

Website disclaimer-

I'm April Ockerman. I have a variety of products and services I provide.

Liability disclaimer:

I'm not responsible for what you do after you use my products. I only give my opinion based on my experience with the products and services I provide. If you need more information I will be able to provide you with information.


You have to have your receipt or invoice that I provided you.

It has to be 30 days and no more

You cant return coaching sessions, it can only be cancelled 3 days in advanced and book 2 weeks in advance.

Contact sharing

You can only share my content by contacting me.

For those that are enrolled in the course, ebooks, podcast episodes, coaching or any other. Sharing the content is not allowed. You can only do this by giving a testimonial.

Rules of the website

1. No rude comments

2. If you have issues with site please contact me at april.l.ockerman@gmail.com

3. If you wish to book a service or product please contact me to ensure the dates are available.