Social Media Manager


I’m a social media manager and offer the following package:

-Watch and monitor your leads for your company, so you don’t have to worry about lead generation on Facebook.

All you have to do is just about answer the leads by coming to your phone through text and via Facebook messenger.

- I can create your ad so your company can generate leads

- I can create Facebook up dates that are daily content.  The content will be in writing on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

- Will retain your account from month to month

** if you want to put something spontaneous on your sociaal media platforms you are more then able to***

All for a price of $850

My Experience:

My experience with running leads:

  • I run leads for our cattle sale marketing via Facebook each year to promote the bull sale

  • For three years I gathered and ran leads for our farms cattle operation for cattle sales in the fall and open house

My experience with creating Facebook Ads:

  • Training from the OEA academy

  • I create my own ads for Facebook for the cattle sales

  •  Manage and create ads for Facebook for volunteer organization Alberta Young Farmers and Ranchers.

My experience growing Facbook is:

  • Volunteer as Social media manger for Alberta Young Farmers and Ranchers- post, drive website traffic, promote membership on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • I manage my own business page for my own online business

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