Coaching for 4H beef members &

their calves

Is your child having difficulty leading cattle or showing cattle? Or do they need more encouragement from some one besides their parent or a leader? 

I'm able to help!

I work with the child and calf on following scenarios: 

- Building self confidence

- Creating a bond between child and calf

- Working on the show technique and practice before achievement day or big show 

- Finding the problem that the calf has and be able to help the child solve that problem. 

The available days of the week are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the evenings of  Agust 2018- October 2018

Please book early because then you will get your evening spot.

Expirence to coach 4H members and thier calves:

Coaching for Kerrobert 4H Club - May 2016 

Coached for a family in the Marwayne area - July 2017

Coaching in 2016 for a girl near Llyodminster

Coached or guided each of the 4H members that my families operation sold 4H prospect to- 2013-2016

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