Welcome to my site!

Thank you so much for visiting.

I'm quickly going to tell you who I help:

1) I sell red angus bulls, heifers & bred heifers to beef cattlemen & women  

2) I help ranchers get their nutrition and make consistent income

3) I help beef cattle showman with their cattle by judging, online course, coaching calls & video lessons

4) I help public speakers be successful by being a judge, video lessons, online courses and audio book.

5) I help beef cattlemen and women halter train their cattle

Effectively through e books, online courses, coaching calls.

6) I help people grow their own greens and vegetables through the power of the tower garden. 

I just want to mention one important thing is that when you purchase a product or a service from me I do donate 10% of the sale to mental health, real agriculture or the SPCA. I feel like its so important to give back!

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